Trick #2

“What custody schedule do you want?” In a prior blog, we noted that this is a trick question because it distracts people from their life goals and focuses them on legal outcomes, as though they are goals.  It is also a trick question because it reframes a non-zero sum game into a zero sum game.
Why do we like to win, whether it is a tennis match or an argument with our spouse?  Natural selection favored those who survived and reproduced.  One of the ways that humans survived, and thus were able to reproduce, was to prevail.  Prevailing meant finding food, warding off predators and winning battles over resources with
Yes!  You might remember Monty Hall and “The Price is Right”.  At end the of the show, the contestant who had won the most money was shown three doors, behind two of which were some cheap junk but behind one was a big prize – maybe a fancy car.  They were to choose a door

Why Game Theory?

Why do people do stupid things?  In our recent book, Game Theory and the Transformation of Family Law, Attorney Allan Koritzinsky and I suggest a bargaining process founded on game theory.  But why game theory?  Game theory is a branch of mathematics that analyzes how and why people make the choices that they make.  Although